Our Gentle Team Members



   Judy, Office Manager

A true member of the family, Judy is Dr. Jennifer's mother and has been helping with the growth of the practice for over a decade.  With years of experience caring for people, she makes everyone feel right at home.

 Rhonda, Insurance Coordinator            

Handling the details of insurance benefits since 2006 has made Rhonda a valuable team member for the office as well as our patients.  Having been a dental assistant in the past also gives her the ability to assist with patients in the clinical areas when necessary.


   Sandra, Lead Assistant

A caring and compassionate person, Sandra is with you as you progress through your treatment.  She will get to know you and your family as she has been doing with us for almost a decade.  With a number of years as a dental assistant, Sandra is confident in all types of treatment.  Sandra enjoys fishing and spending time with her granddaughter.

 Nyoka,  Dental Assistant

With a vast knowledge of dentistry, Nyoka came to us a few years ago as a great addition to our team.  She continues to further her knowledge by attending continuing education with our office.                     

    Kristi,  Dental Assistant

A constant smile and full of energy, Kristi has a real enthusiasm for dentistry.  She has embraced all of the modern technology that we use in our office, from digital x-rays to CAD/CAM (same day) crowns.  She has a discerning eye for esthetics as well. 



 Tiffany, Dental Assistant                                                               Photo of Tiffany coming soon!     

Joining the team in 2016 Tiffany came to us with boundless
energy and a great desire to learn. She strives
to provide optimal care for our patients through
constant learning and heartfelt care. She enjoys
cooking and sharing with our entire team.


Lindsey, Dental Assistant                                                                              Photo of Lindsey coming soon!

Lindsey received her dental assisting training with the

Army and has been assisting patients since 2001.  Her 

years of experience and willingness to do whatever is

necessary have been great for our office.  Spending time

at the beach is how she fills her down time, hopefully 

with some fishing mixed in.



April,  Hygienist                                                                         Photo of April coming soon!

April, Hygienist
April graduated locally from Brevard Community College
with a Dental Hygiene degree in 2010. Before coming to
our practice, April had worked in both general dentistry on
a military installation as well as with a periodontist. She
enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, days on
the water, traveling, and Zumba.



Diane, Reception                                                                         Photo of Diane coming soon!

Diane will most likely be the first person you see
as you come into our brand new office. She will greet
you with a warm smile and pleasant acknowledgment that
comes from her sincere attitude and welcoming spirit. Diane
has been a tremendous addition to our team.



Shannon, Hygienist                                                                  Photo of Shannon coming soon

A dedicated and enthusiastic hygienist, Shannon
came to us with years of experience from a
periodontal office. Shannon is very capable and will
give it her all to get you as healthy as possible. Being
an avid softball player keeps her busy during her free


Jennifer, Hygienist                                                                 Photo of Jennifer coming soon

Jen joined the team and brought with her a
wealth of knowledge stemming from her previous time
as a dental assistant as well as her education. Jen has
her Bachelor's Degree in Hygiene and uses that knowledge
to take great care of her patients. Her caring smile will
make your visit a pleasant one.


Robbi Storts-Gray, Hygienist                                                 Photo of Robbi coming soon

"Ms. Robbi" is a great addition to our dental team.  She has

been practicing dental hygiene for over 30 years and brings

her expertise and vast knowledge to our team.  A strong patient

advocate, she thrives in helping the wary and anxious patient to 

bond with the practice and overcome their fears.  She is supportive

and encouraging in both her personal and professional life.

Healthy Smiles

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