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Custom dentures aren’t just a set of replacement teeth. They’re a path toward freedom, offering you the opportunity to smile, chew, and speak with confidence. Jennifer Chace, DMD, FAGD, LVIF of Gentle Dental Associates and her team can provide quality dentures. They work closely with a local lab to ensure the denture’s good quality and esthetics. Located in Melbourne, Florida, the experienced team can help you speak, eat, and smile like you used to with the best denture option for your lifestyle. Schedule a quick consultation online or call today.

Dentures Q & A

There are different types of dentures that range from the more traditional type all the way to fully implant supported/secured dentures. Each case is different and deciding which type of denture is best for you comes from a conversation with one of the doctors to learn about your needs and desires.

Designing a new denture is a chance to really help design a smile. There are choices to make about tooth shapes and shades, as well as the gum shades.

If you’ve lost your teeth as a result of illness, decay, or injury, and need full dentures, you may be a good candidate for immediate dentures. Immediate dentures can be placed quickly, meaning you don’t have to live without teeth for any period. Keep in mind, however, that your mouth will need time to heal from the loss of your natural teeth and the immediate denture placement. Your dentures will need to be relined to ensure your denture fit stays precise and comfortable.

Should I get partial dentures?

The most common type of partial dentures has a metal framework. If you are a good candidate, the rigid metal frame provides sturdy support for chewing, particularly when you’re missing molars. No dental adhesives are usually required. The metal frame anchors to existing natural teeth to keep the dentures in place.

Partial dentures can be a very cost effective way to replace numerous teeth. They tend to be less expensive than multiple implants or bridges, but they also need to be replaced more often. They are often used to replace front teeth as a temporary solution while the dentist constructs permanent bridges or an implant restoration.

Gentle Dental Associates also offers the option of a flexible denture, which is a more esthetic option since it has tooth colored clasps, instead of metal, and is more comfortable.

Gentle Dental Associates offer many types of denture repairs that can often be completed in the same day. Denture repairs are completed by their local lab.

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